Better than Before

To leave everything we touch, just that little bit better.

When you walk into the Mitte offices in Berlin, you see a neon sign hung above the door. The sign reads ‘Better than Before’. This is the core value that inspires us. To leave everything we touch, just that little bit better.

Not only through the products we create, but through our impact on the lives of our customers, the people who work with us, and the planet we share. This means building better products and customer experiences, but it also means better daily choices. Like choosing to cycle to work instead of driving a car.

To leave everything we touch, just that little bit better.

This is more than a philosophy. It is the lens through which we evaluate our business and it guides our actions as a company. We call these pillars the four P’s of Mitte. Purpose, Product, People and Planet.

01 — Our Purpose

02 — Our Products

03 — Our People

04 — Our Planet

Our Purpose

Healthy hydration for
every body.

We believe that access to clean, healthy drinking water is a human right. But it’s a right that is being threatened as we become disconnected from the natural water cycle.

People are now faced with three poor choices. Expensive and inconvenient bottled water which is a major contributor to the plastics pollution in our oceans. Tap water which is often contaminated with chemicals and microplastics. And filtered water which removes some of the contaminants, but also removes the nutrients contained in naturally occurring spring water.

Mitte’s mission is to tap into the potential of our drinking water and improve lives with healthy hydration. Our ecosystem of products will provide pure and nutrient rich mineralized water at the push of a button. Empowering people to take control of their hydration and their health. Giving more people access to nutritious drinking water without harming our planet in the process.

Our Products

Mineralized water made
to order.

Usability testing a Mitte Home prototype

Berlin 2021

Mitte Labs

At Mitte we know that nutritious water is more than just H2O. It’s a harmonious balance of pure water and the minerals and micronutrients found in naturally occurring spring water.

Our products have been inspired by the natural water cycle; a two-step process of purification and remineralization that has been providing healthy water since the beginning of life on earth. We use rigorous scientific research and technical innovation to recreate this natural process and allow people to make their own mineralized water with the push of a button.

We know our mission won’t be achieved with one product. Which is why we’re creating an ecosystem of innovative solutions to deliver better water to more people than ever before. Empowering drinkers to take control of their drinking water wherever they are. At home, at work, or on the go.

Our People

Building better together.

Working on engineering concepts for the Mitte Home

Berlin 2020

Mitte Labs

Mitte Labs is a diverse group of scientists, engineers, nutritionists, and business people who are dedicated to bringing healthy water to more people.

Together we’re working to build the kind of company we can all be proud of. One that helps to create a healthier, happier and more sustainable world for us all. Each day we try to re-imagine what is possible in pursuit of creating something better for our customers, our planet and ourselves.

This means being bold enough to take on the big challenges. Tenacious enough to overcome them. And patient enough to know that the solution will take time. Above all we are dedicated to solving the hard problems of today in order to build a better tomorrow for us all.

Our Planet

Drinking water shouldn’t
cost the Earth.

At Mitte, business success and sustainability go hand in hand. Protecting our planet is not just a page on our website. It is a core reason for being.

The bottled water industry sells its product with images of pristine natural beauty. But in reality, it relies on unsustainable business practices that are damaging our natural ecosystems. Leaving a cloud of real world pollution in its wake.

Every one liter bottle of water that appears on your supermarket shelves requires around three liters of water and 250ml of crude oil to produce. More than half of these will join the giant piles of un-recycled plastic bottles clogging landfills and filling our oceans with floating islands of indestructible trash.

This has to stop. Our goal is to clean up the water industry by creating superior alternatives to bottled water and encouraging people to choose sustainable hydration alternatives. Together with other sustainability focused companies, we aim to reduce and eventually eliminate the need for single use bottles altogether.


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